Climate Adaptation event on March 16

Preparation for climate change is the topic of a free session on March 16, 12-1:30 p.m., at PSRC.

Come to a panel discussion on Climate Adaptation: From Policy to Action on March 16.

Climate change could affect our environment, communities and economy.

Central Puget Sound cities and counties have begun preparing for possible impacts in a variety of ways.

PSRC is offering a panel discussion on how communities are preparing for a changing climate, from developing policies and a climate impact assessment to implementing actions.

This session will include presentations from several climate experts and planners, along with a panel discussion.

Speakers will include Erika Harris and Kelly McGourty, Puget Sound Regional Council; Lara Whitely Binder, Climate Impacts Group; Stacey Justus Nordgren, Foresight Partners; Jennifer Sutton, City of Bainbridge Island; and Tracy Morgenstern, City of Seattle.


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Launching local climate change policies into action on Dec 15

Central Puget Sound cities and counties have adopted comprehensive plans with policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change. But it can be challenging to turn policies into actions.

Cities like Bellevue are working to implement policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Bellevue is one of many cities in the region taking steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Please join us for a free session on December 15 at PSRC to discuss a range of actions that jurisdictions are taking to analyze, sequester and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This event will include presentations from several cities and counties along with a panel discussion.

Speakers will include: Erika Harris and Kelly McGourty, Puget Sound Regional Council; Matt Kuharic, King County; Lisa Dulude, Snohomish County; Kristin Lynett, City of Tacoma; and Miranda Redinger, City of Shoreline.

The climate change session is part of the ongoing Peer Networking Series focused on best practices and resources for local planning and implementation. A follow up on implementing climate change adaptation policies is scheduled for spring 2017.

The session is scheduled for 12:00 – 1:30 in PSRC’s Boardroom. You can attend in person or via webinar. For more information, visit


Partnerships for affordable housing lunch talk on March 17

Housing affordability is making headlines in the immediate region as well as the larger Cascadia region. What can we do to address it?
toolboxSuccessful planning for affordable housing requires an assortment of partnerships—across sectors, across departments within jurisdictions, and often across jurisdictions themselves.

Please join PSRC, APA-Washington and Washington Department of Commerce for a pair of panel discussion sessions and webinars that explores the opportunities and challenges of creating such partnerships for affordable housing on Thursday, March 17 at 12:30 pm at PSRC.

Speakers will include Mike Stanger, A Regional Coalition for Housing & Kristina Gallant, Alliance for Housing Affordability

Find out how subregional coalitions can be an effective means for local jurisdictions to leverage resources and coordinate efforts to produce and preserve affordable housing choices. Several models of varying tenure exist in the central Puget Sound region today, offering different types of staff support and technical assistance to member jurisdictions. Join in a discussion of models of cross-jurisdictional coordination from east and south King County and Snohomish County, and possible opportunities for such partnerships in other parts of the region.

This is part of a peer networking series that is focused on best practices and resources for local planning and implementation. The series is in coordination with the PSRC Comprehensive Plan Review Program and implementation of the Growing Transit Communities Strategy. The sessions will take place on the third Thursday of the month, from 12:30-2:00PM at PSRC and are open to the public. There are 1.5 AICP credits per session pending. For more information, including updates on session descriptions and speakers, visit

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Move Seattle to be discussed November 19

Have questions about Seattle’s new transportation levy? PSRC is hosting a public panel discussion on Move Seattle over the lunch hour on November 19.

Seattle's new transportation levy, Move Seattle, will be discussed by a panel at a lunchtime discussion at PSRC.

Seattle’s new transportation levy, Move Seattle, will be discussed by a panel at a lunchtime discussion at PSRC.

Join Seattle Department of Transportation personnel to discuss specific projects in the package, how they will support the city’s multimodal concurrency efforts, and how the city will work with regional agencies and other partners on implementation.

Speakers: Craig Helmann, Puget Sound Regional Council; Kevin O’Neill and Jude Willcher, City of Seattle Department of Transportation.

Thursday, November 19 from 12:30-2:00 at PSRC, 1011 Western Avenue, Suite 500, Seattle, 98104.

 Or attend via webinar: At, click “Join Meeting” and enter ID 117853983. If your computer has a microphone, you may participate in the webinar through your computer. If no microphone, you may call in at +1 888 240 2560, and enter Meeting ID. AICP CM unavailable by webinar.

Active transportation brown bag on Jan 15

Want to learn more about how active transportation planning efforts and how they can benefit public health? Attend a brown bag at PSRC on January 15 at 12:30 pm.

Find out about planning for the health impacts of transportation on November 6 at PSRC.

Find out about active transportation planning on January 15 at PSRC.

The session will focus on active transportation policy and implementation strategies such as whole systems planning, the cross-section between complete streets and multimodal level of service and context sensitive design.

Speakers will include: Robin Mayhew, PSRC; Diane Waitr, City of Tacoma, BPAC Chair; Gary Goldbaum, Snohomish Health District; Kerri Woehler, WSDOT; Justin Resnick, Fehr & Peers; McKayla Dunfey, Cascade Bicycle Club; Dongho Chang, Seattle DOT.

Active transportation is an important part of Transportation 2040, the region’s long-range transportation plan. Find out about PSRC’s active transportation plan and efforts to support biking and walking throughout region, here.

Join us for free session on Maximizing Transit Access

On December 18, PSRC is hosting a brown bag session on ways to make it easier to get to and use transit.


Providing easy access to high-quality transit service is an important element in the region’s long-range transportation plan.

Transportation 2040, the region’s long-range transportation plan, calls for a large capital expansion of the transit system and a doubling of transit service in the region by 2040.

To ensure that these investments are fully maximized, increasing people’s ability to easily access high-quality transit service will be an important function shared by transit agencies, local jurisdictions, and other regional stakeholders.

This session will focus on several ongoing and recently completed efforts on this topic including:

  • Nonmotorized connectivity analysis from King County Metro and Sound Transit
  • Park and ride efficiency study conducted by WSDOT
  • Parking management pilot project from Sound Transit
  • Access to transit study from King County Metro
  • Draft system access issue paper as part of Sound Transit’s long-range plan update
  • Transit access assessment underway at PSRC

The brown bag will be held from 12:30-2 p.m. in PSRC’s Boardroom, 1011 Western Avenue, Suite 500, Seattle.  Learn  more here.

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Community engagement brown bag Nov 20

Interested in learning more about how to equitably involve the community in planning?


Effective and equitable community engagement is an important part of the policy development process.

PSRC is hosting a brown bag on lessons learned from the Growing Transit Communities Equity Grant Program, the ongoing work of the Regional Equity Network, and success stories from the City of Tukwila’s award-winning Community Connectors Program.

Community engagement is an integral part of the way public agencies make and implement policies in the region.

Innovative strategies that improve and expand community engagement practices to more effectively include historically underrepresented populations, including low-income households and persons of color, can result in policies and plans that better reflect public interest and needs, and can generate greater community support of public process outcomes.


Find out more about how to do this well at the November 20 brown bag at PSRC from 12:30pm to 2pm.

Speakers: Amy Bates, Regional Equity Network and Solutions-for Humanity, Community, & the Environment; Heidi Hall, City of Seattle; Nora Gierloff, City of Tukwila; Becca Meredith, Forterra; and Alma Villegas, Global to Local.


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