Eligibility Screening for Special Needs Transportation Funding

PSRC’s 2014-2015 Coordinated Grant Program for special needs transportation projects is underway.

A formal call for projects and application materials for the 2014-2015 Coordinated Grant will be available online during the week of August 4 – 8.

A formal call for projects and application materials for the 2014-2015 Coordinated Grant will be available online during the week of August 4 – 8.

This year, applicants interested in seeking PSRC’s dedicated special needs transportation funds must submit an eligibility screening form. The form is available here and must be returned to Gil Cerise at gcerise@psrc.org no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, August 22, 2014 .

Applicants are encouraged to submit forms as early as possible.  PSRC will work with WSDOT and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to assess project and applicant eligibility on an ongoing basis.  Responses will be provided to applicants as soon as possible.

PSRC’s Coordinated Grant program funds eligible projects from FTA Section 5310 (Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities) funds and ranks projects applying to WSDOT’s Consolidated Grant Program.

A formal call for projects and application materials for the 2014-2015 Coordinated Grant will be available online during the week of August 4 – 8.  Please see the schedule for more information.


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Big and small projects to get PSRC funding

As we’ve written about here, the Puget Sound Regional Council is getting ready to recommend $690 million to projects around the region through 2017.  On Thursday, July 24,  the Executive Board will consider approval.

As a transit provider to the region, the Monorail  receives federal funding to maintain the existing system and trains.

As a transit provider to the region, the Seattle Monorail will receive about $3 million in FTA funding to maintain the existing system and trains.

The biggest project award is $101,267,278 for King County Metro Vehicle, Equipment and Facilities Maintenance from the Federal Transit Administration.

The majority of PSRC’s FTA funds are distributed through an earned share process, with funding amounts corresponding to the transit service and operating characteristics of each transit agency in the region.

The smallest project award is $40,000 for Kitsap Transit’s electric vehicle charging station infrastructure at the Harper Church Park and Ride in Poulsbo and Bayside Park and Ride located in Kingston.

Find out more about all the recommended projects here.

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Congress moves patch for transportation

The House of Representatives voted to patch  federal transportation programs.  Today’s action follows a bipartisan agreement announced last week in the Senate.

The House passed legislation would sustain federal transportation funding and extend existing federal transportation programs through May of 2015.


The White House released a report called: An Economic Analysis of Transportation Infrastructure Investment

The Obama administration has endorsed the House passed bill, and bolstered the case for action with release of an economic analysis of transportation investment.

The analysis reports that over 13,000 jobs in Washington state are at risk if federal transportation funding is not sustained – and that 22% of roads in Washington are in poor condition and 26% of bridges in the state are deficient or obsolete.

About 500 transportation projects underway in the region are counting on $2.7 billion in federal transportation funds over the next few years.

On Thursday the PSRC’s Executive Board will consider approval of projects for an additional $690 million in federal funds the region expects to receive in the next three years.

Congress and the Administration have until the end of the month to shore up transportation funding – which has been trending toward insolvency.



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Board recommends $690 million for transportation

Construction of a new Mukilteo Ferry Terminal and replacing King County Metro electric trolley buses are among the projects being recommended for funding by the Puget Sound Regional Council.


You can find projects being recommended for funding on this clickable map.

Check out this map that shows where all the projects are located.  Another map sorts projects by Congressional district.

Today the PSRC’s Transportation Policy Board recommended $690 million of the region’s federal funds for projects for ferries, buses, light rail, road improvements, biking and walking, and more. Here’s a complete list with project descriptions.

The recommendation now goes to the Executive Board for a vote on July 24.  For more details, visit the project selection web page.

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New $10 billion patch for transportation endorsed

The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives has endorsed a $10 billion patch to federal transportation funding.


Movement: House Speaker endorses patch for transportation funds

Speaker John Boehner said today that he expects the entire House to vote next week on what he calls a “solid” plan.

The proposal would sustain federal funding for transportation through May, 2015.

Potential action on this week’s proposal by the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee sets up a potential compromise with the Senate and the Obama administration.

Lawmakers face an August deadline for replenishing federal transportation funds – that’s when the Highway Trust Fund is expected to run out of funds.

In central Puget Sound, over 500 projects are in the works that are counting on $2.7 billion in federal funds over the next few years.

About 100 leaders recently joined in a letter to the region’s congressional delegation urging action this month.

Tomorrow the region’s Transportation Policy Board is expected to recommend projects for an additional $690 million the region expects to receive by 2017.

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PSRC board to recommend transportation projects for funding

The 2014 project selection process for about $690 million in PSRC’s federal funds is wrapping up.

Final funding needed to complete a new Mukilteo Ferry Terminal is being recommended.

Final funding needed to complete a new Mukilteo Ferry Terminal is being recommended by PSRC.

On July 10, the Transportation Policy Board will recommend approval of the projects. The board will also recommend a prioritized list of contingency projects for funding if additional funds become available prior to the next selection process.

A competitive project selection process is conducted every two to three years for the distribution of PSRC’s federal funds from the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration.

Some of the projects being recommended:

  • Broadway Streetcar Extension – $10 million
  • Mukilteo Ferry Terminal – $12 million
  • Pacific Highway South HOV lanes in Federal Way – $7 million
  • Port of Tacoma Road Interchange w/I-5 ramp construction in Fife – $7 million
  • Link light rail expansion in Tacoma – $7.9 million

See the list of all recommended projects with descriptions and a map of the projects.

The PSRC Executive Board will meet on July 24 to take action on the policy board’s recommendation.

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New South Park Bridge to open

The South Park community is having a grand opening celebration for the new South Park Bridge on Sunday, June 29.

Grand celebration for the new South Park Bridge is on Sunday. (Photo: King County)

Party for the new South Park Bridge is on Sunday. (Photo: King County)

In 2010, PSRC approved $15 million in funding for the bridge, which helped the county secure funding from additional federal grants to complete the replacement project.

PSRC began funding efforts to replace the South Park Bridge in 1999 and provided additional funds in 2002, 2006, and 2009 (over $9 million). The bridge serves two regionally designated  Manufacturing and Industrial Centers which together support roughly 80,000 jobs.

Maintaining and preserving the region’s transportation infrastructure is the highest priority in the region’s Transportation 2040 plan. This includes replacing key vulnerable structures.

The new bridge is expected to carry 20,000 vehicles and nearly 3,000 heavy-duty trucks each day. It will also carry an estimated 10 million tons of freight each year, including aerospace parts to local Boeing facilities.

The event will begin at noon. The official dedication ceremony will take place at 3 p.m. Festivities will include a parade across the bridge and a street party featuring music and other performances, as well as food and drink vendors. Participants will be able to walk across the bridge and tour its south tower.

More details about the bridge opening and celebration are available here. The bridge will officially open to vehicle traffic on Monday, June 29.

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