Transit funding competition begins

PSRC has issued the call for projects for the Regional FTA Competition.

March 17 is the deadline to apply for the Regional FTA Funding Competition.

Roughly $32 million is available to transit agencies for projects in the region.

The regional competition selects a limited number of high priority regional transit projects that support centers and connecting corridors.

The funding process will be kicked off with a workshop at PSRC on February 14 at 10 am. A webinar option is available.

This is the final component of the overall 2016 project selection process for PSRC’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds.


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$3 million available for rural transportation projects

It’s time to apply for Rural Town Centers and Corridor funds!

In 2015, Duvall received $1 million in construction funds for SR 203 safety improvements.

The program helps support the needs of the region’s rural areas. It is a two-stage process, beginning with each of the four countywide organizations selecting three projects to compete in the regional competition.

The first stage takes place at the countywide level where each countywide forum reviews the projects of parties interested in seeking RTCC funding and recommends three priority projects to compete in the regional competition.

Information on eligibility, deadlines, etc. may be found on PSRC’s website.

Recommended projects will be reviewed by PSRC in April and released for public comment in May.

For more information, contact Jeff Storrar at 206-587-4817.

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PSRC seeking public comment on special needs transportation projects

PSRC is inviting public comment on special needs projects recommended for funding.

Share your thoughts on a proposed list of projects recommended for special needs funding!

Share your thoughts on a proposed list of projects recommended for special needs funding!

The projects will become eligible to receive funding through PSRC’s Coordinated Grant Program and the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Consolidated Grant Program.

Special needs projects provide transportation services to seniors, people with disabilities, and others who have mobility challenges due to age or income to help them get to medical appointments, educational opportunities, jobs, shopping and social interactions.

The list includes 14 projects recommended to receive $4.2 million in funding. There are also 20 project recommended to receive regional priority rankings for the statewide WSDOT Consolidated Grant competition.  Final decision on awards for projects on the list will be determined after WSDOT Consolidated Grant awards in the spring of 2017.

Example projects and the amounts recommended include:

  • Mobility Management King County, Hopelink, $513,056
  • Beyond the Borders, Pierce County Community Connections, $989,262
  • Sustain Community Shuttles for Seniors and People with Disabilities in King County, City of Seattle Aging and Disability Services Division, $490,911

The public review and comment period will run until January 26, 2017, when PSRC’s Executive Board is scheduled to recommend the projects for funding.

How to make a comment:

Mail: Puget Sound Regional Council

ATTN: Gil Cerise

1011 Western Avenue, Suite 500

Seattle, Washington 98104-1035


In Person: January 12 at 9:30 a.m. or January 26 at 10 a.m. at PSRC, 1011 Western Avenue, Suite 500, Seattle 98104

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Apply for funding:  Eligible projects help people with special transportation needs

Funding is available for projects that provide transportation services to seniors, youth, and people with disabilities or low income.

Snohomish County Transportation Coalition is one agency that provides transportation services to seniors and people with disabilities. (Photo: SNOTRAC)

Snohomish County Transportation Coalition is one agency that provides transportation services to seniors and people with disabilities. (Photo: SNOTRAC)

Application materials are due to PSRC by 5 p.m. on September 28, 2016.

As in past funding cycles, PSRC and the Washington State Department of Transportation will coordinate their respective funding programs to leverage funding and fill gaps in transportation to people with special transportation needs in the region.

PSRC’s program will fund eligible projects from $4.2 million available from the Federal Transit Administration’s Section 5310  program.  This process also sets priority ranking for state and other FTA special needs transportation funds managed by WSDOT in its Consolidated Grant Program.

For more information, visit PSRC’s special needs funding page or contact Gil Cerise at or 206-971-3053.


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Take a look: Big and small projects to make transportation better

Projects recently funded by PSRC run the gamut from road resurfacing, signal improvements, bus rapid transit, new bike and walking trails, and more.

Redmond will receive $ 152nd Avenue Main Street from 24th Street to 26th Street (inclusive of intersections), with turn lanes where necessary, cycle track, and streetscape improvements.

Redmond will receive $4.4 million to construct the 152nd Avenue Main Street, a major corridor that will serve the Overlake regional growth center, including the new light rail station.

PSRC just wrapped up a major process to decide on the projects that should be funded with money from federal transportation programs.

This year about $700 million was available. About a third of the funds come from the Federal Highway Administration and two thirds from the Federal Transit Administration.

This following list (alphabetical by sponsor) is of projects that were selected for funding from the Federal Highway Administration. The projects are expected to get underway in 2018-2020.

Sponsor Title Total Award
Arlington 204th St Trail $144,200
Auburn A Street SE Preservation (East Main Street to 17th Street SE $881,800
Auburn Auburn Way North Preservation Phase 2 (8th St NE to 22nd St NE) $889,720
Auburn Auburn Way North Preservation Phase 3 (4th St SE to 8th St NE) $975,140
Auburn Lake Tapps Parkway ITS Expansion $711,000
Bainbridge Island Fletcher Bay Shoulder Improvements $389,000
Bainbridge Island Sportsman’s and New Brooklyn Intersection Improvement $156,000
Bellevue BelRed Road Preservation $1,500,000
Bellevue Mountains to Sound Greenway Trail $400,000
Bellevue NE Spring Boulevard Multi-Modal Corridor Zone 1A $5,500,000
Bonney Lake 198th Avenue Road Preservation $105,381
Bothell 228th Street Pavement Overlay Project $830,400
Bothell North Creek Trail Section 4 (from North Terminus of North Creek Trail Section 3 to Filbert Dr) $1,015,800
Bremerton 6th Street Preservation $640,100
Bremerton Warren Avenue Bridge – Shared Use Pathway $475,750
Community Transit Swift II BRT Operating $5,000,000
Community Transit 40 Foot Expansion Buses $1,000,000
Covington 164th Avenue SE Pedestrian Improvements $676,279
DuPont Center Drive Overlay $598,609
Edmonds 84th Ave Overlay from 220th St SW to 212th St SW $691,200
Everett California Street PED/Bike Corridor $901,600
Everett Everett Overlay $624,000
Federal Way 21st Ave S (S 316th St to S 320th St) Pedestrian Improvements $765,525
Federal Way City Center Adaptive Traffic Control System $860,000
Fife Pacific Highway Overlay $706,387
Fircrest Alameda Grind and Overlay $195,004
Gig Harbor Cushman Trail Phase 5 Planning Study $200,000
Gig Harbor Stinson Ave Overlay $515,000
Issaquah Newport Way NW Improvements, from NW Maple Street to W Sunset Way $1,816,500
Kenmore Simonds Road Overlay $355,351
Kent East Valley Highway Preservation (S 180th St to S 196th St) $1,500,000
King County TDM Corridor Strategies Supporting Centers $4,184,900
King County Marine Spirit of Kingston Certified Marine Engine Repower Project $235,729
King County Metro King County Metro Transit Speed and Reliability Corridor Improvements – Auburn to Renton $988,176
King County Metro Non motorized Access to Transit $1,314,077
King County Metro Regional Park-and-Ride Access Improvements $2,818,378
King County Parks Department Eastside Rail Corridor Wilburton Segment Design $2,000,000
King County Roads 2018 King County Overlay-White Center Overlay $1,500,000
King County Roads 218th Avenue SE Reconstruction $759,337
King County Roads Stillwater Hill Road Reconstruction $4,370,941
Kirkland 124th Avenue NE Roadway Improvements $1,378,508
Kitsap County Carney Lake Road $389,000
Kitsap County Ridgetop Boulevard Green Streets Phase 2 $1,188,000
Kitsap County Seabeck Highway #2 $941,000
Kitsap County Silverdale Way Preservation $930,000
Kitsap County Totten Road $723,000
Kitsap Transit Hwy 16 Park and Ride Alternatives Analysis $249,000
Kitsap Transit Kitsap Transit Bike Barn Rehabilitation $248,000
Kitsap Transit Wheaton Way Transit Center $800,000
KRCC SR305 Improvements Study $367,625
Lakewood Steilacoom Blvd. ROW: Weller Rd. SW to Phillips Rd. SW $605,000
Lakewood Steilacoom Boulevard/88th St. SW Overlay – Weller Road to Custer Road $747,000
Lynnwood 42nd Avenue W Improvements $1,297,500
Lynnwood 35th/36th Ave W Improvements $3,000,000
Marysville 80th Street NE Non-Motorized $272,458
Marysville Sunnyside Overlay $497,381
Mill Creek Seattle Hill Road Preservation $720,000
Monroe Chain Lake Road Phase 2a $1,515,692
Monroe US Hwy 2 Non-Motorized Share-Path $90,250
Mountlake Terrace Main Street Reconstruction-Phase 1 $4,059,840
Mukilteo SR 526 Shared Uses Path $60,000
Mukilteo 88th Street SW and Chennault Beach Rd Pavement Preservation $443,919
North Bend Downtown Plaza $1,367,369
Pacific West Valley Highway Reconstruction $630,000
Pierce County Fillmore Drive NW / 56th Street NW $625,650
Pierce County Orting Kapowsin Highway East $2,170,000
Pierce County Steilacoom Ferry Landing – Wing Walls and Dolphins $950,000
Pierce County Transportation Options: Building Connections $778,500
Pierce Transit Clean Fuels Bus Replacement/Expansion $1,796,800
Port of Everett Port of Everett Diesel Emission Reduction Project $3,000,000
Port of Seattle NWSA  Freight  Advanced  Traveler  Information  System  (FRATIS) / King County Portion $519,000
Port Orchard Tremont Street Widening $1,680,447
Poulsbo Noll Road Phase 1 Construction $3,429,448
Puyallup North Levee Road Overlay $750,000
Puyallup Safe Routes to School – Wildwood Park Drive Sidewalk, 31st Ave SE to Ferrucci Jr. High $301,740
Redmond 40th Street Shared Use Path $206,500
Redmond 152nd Avenue Main Street $4,400,000
Renton Connecting Downtown Renton Improvements – Phase 2 $3,850,000
Renton Lake Washington Loop Trail – Phase 3 $1,694,278
Renton Renton Ave South Preservation Project $1,020,700
Sammamish Inglewood Hill Rd Pavement Overlay $285,000
Sammamish Sammamish, WSDOT and King County ITS Improvement Project $1,299,250
Seattle 15th Ave NE Preservation $1,500,000
Seattle 25th Ave NE Preservation $1,500,000
Seattle Center City Gateway ITS $5,555,000
Seattle Madison Corridor Bus Rapid Transit $4,900,000
Seattle Melrose Avenue E Protected Bicycle Lanes and Neighborhood Greenway $3,010,991
Seattle N 34th Street Protected Bicycle Lanes and Protected Intersections $951,000
Seattle NE Pacific St Preservation $1,500,000
Seattle Center City Connector $7,300,000
Seattle S Lander St Grade Separation $9,594,692
Shoreline 15th Avenue NE Preservation $587,289
Shoreline SR-523 (N/NE 145th Street) & I-5 Interchange $3,892,500
Snohomish Bickford Ave Overlay $384,000
Snohomish County Adaptive Signal Control System – Phase 2 $1,730,000
Snohomish County Transportation Demand Management on Regional Corridors $865,000
Snohomish County Richardson Creek Bridge #300 Replacement $1,760,900
Snohomish County Sno. Co. Rural Roads Pres. $979,100
Snohomish County 35th Ave SE: 180 St SE to 152 St SE (Seattle Hill Road) Phase 1 $3,089,260
Snoqualmie Town Center Phase 3A $473,300
Sound Transit Kent and Auburn Sounder Station Access Improvements $1,500,000
Sound Transit Light Rail Extension from Angle Lake Station to Kent / Des Moines $13,000,000
Sound Transit Sounder Station Access Improvements $6,700,000
Steilacoom Steilacoom Blvd. Non-Motorized Improvements $1,556,100
Sumner 142nd Ave E Resurfacing $747,800
Sumner Bridge Street Bridge Construction $1,500,000
Tacoma 56th St and Cirque Drive Corridor Improvements Phase 2 $6,955,729
Tacoma Pipeline Road/Cross County Commuter Connector Trail $2,042,600
Tacoma Taylor Way Rehabilitation $1,384,300
Tukwila Strander Blvd/SW 27th St Extension $5,146,750
University Place 35th Street Improvements $442,000
University Place 67th Avenue Overlay $392,700
University Place Bridgeport Way Phase 4 $1,730,000
University Place Mildred Overlay $357,000
WSDOT SR 167 NB/ SR 410 to SR 18 – Congestion Management $5,015,000
WA State Ferries/Bainbridge Island Sound to Olympics Trail Extension & Bainbridge Ferry Terminal Ped Bridge Replacement $2,100,000
WA State Ferries /Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Vessels Reduce Diesel Fuels Program CMAQ Diesel Particulate Emissions $3,300,100
TOTAL $203,912,250

Background information and an interactive web map of projects can be found on this page.

Another set of projects was funded through Federal Transit Administration programs. The funds are awarded to the region’s transit agencies based on an “earned share” formula that takes into account how many riders are served and other characteristics. The agencies also receive funding for preservation projects.

See the list of FTA funded projects.

All of the recently funded projects will be incorporated into a new Regional Transportation Improvement Program that will be modeled for air quality and released for public comment in September.


UW’s Burke Gilman Trail improvement project complete

The opening of a new and improved section of the Burke-Gilman Trail on the University of Washington campus was cause for celebration this week.

This newly opened section of the Burke Gilman will soon be packed with students and commuters.

This newly opened section of the Burke Gilman will soon be packed with students and commuters. (Photo – UW)

PSRC contributed $3 million to the project.

The project doubles the width of the trail between 15th Ave NE and Rainier Vista and creates separate pathways for pedestrians and bikers.

Safety improvements include better intersection markings, new overhead LED lights, and additional blue emergency phones.  The project is also building a new secure bike house, which is expected to be complete later this month.

Use of the trail is expected to accelerate in coming years as Link light rail ridership continues to grow. Also, the new SR 520 bridge walking and biking path is set to connect to Montlake Boulevard NE in summer 2017, and a new Life Sciences Complex is scheduled to open along the trail in 2018.

State funding for another set of trail renovations on the east end of campus from Rainier Vista to NE 47th Street was included in the Connecting Washington package.  That project is expected to get underway between 2021 and 2025.

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New bridge on Bucklin Hill Road

Congratulations to Kitsap County on the near completion of its Bucklin Hill Road project.


Kitsap County Commissioners Ed Wolfe and Rob Gelder celebrate the ribbon cutting of the new bridge on Bucklin Hill Road. PSRC contributed $6.8 million to the project.

The county celebrated the opening of the new bridge on July 22, 2016.

The project increases traffic capacity and brings better traffic flow through Silverdale. Scenic overlooks and wider sidewalks will improve the pedestrian experience. The new bridge enhances tidal exchange which enhances the estuary and improves fish habitat.

PSRC contributed $6.8 million to the project.

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