$456 million proposed for transit

The region’s transit agencies would receive $456 million in federal funds under a recommendation by PSRC’s Transportation Operators Committee today.

Pierce Transit would receive $15.6 million for purchase of new buses.

Pierce Transit would receive $15.6 million for purchase of new buses.

The money would help pay for bus replacements, maintenance on Link and Sounder rail, ferry repairs and more.

It’s part of PSRC’s project selection process that distributes funds from the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration every two to three years.

The region’s transit agencies receive a share of funding from the Federal Transit Administration.

A policy framework adopted by PSRC’s Executive Board guides how funds are distributed. The majority of the funds are divvied up among the transit agencies by “earned share” based on how much service they provide and other factors such as population density.

Another share of the funds is targeted for preservation.

Some of the projects include:

King County Metro – Bus Replacements $108,847,493

Kitsap Transit – Bus and Over-the Road Coach Purchase  $9,956,361

Pierce Transit – Clean Fuels Bus Replacement/Expansion  $1,575,795

Washington State Ferries – Vessel Preservation and Improvement  $2,421,798

Everett Transit – Everett Station Preventive Maintenance and Rehabilitation  $3,846,894

More information is available here, including the full list of recommended projects.

The funding recommendation will go to the Transportation Policy Board on July 14.  Following a public comment period, the Executive Board will act on project approval in October.

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$12.6 million for projects in Kitsap County

The Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council has recommended funding 15 projects with $12.6 million in federal funds.

The Ridgetop Boulevard Green Streets project connects the Silverdale Regional Center with the Clear Creek Trail system. adds bike lanes and expands the existing sidewalk facilities to promote non-motorized transportation to the Center and to the schools.

The Ridgetop Boulevard Green Streets project will add bike lanes and expand existing sidewalks – improving access to the Clear Creek Trail System (pictured), nearby schools and the Silverdale regional growth center.

As part of PSRC’s funding competition, each county in the region has a role in recommending projects for a share of Federal Highway Administration funds.

Each countywide organization coordinates a competitive process to select the projects.

It’s an opportunity for each of the region’s four counties to fund countywide priorities and improve transportation to centers and corridors that connect them.

Projects recommended by the Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council for funding:

Sportsman’s and New Brooklyn Intersection Improvement – Bainbridge Island $156,000

Fletcher Bay Shoulder Improvements – Bainbridge Island  $389,000

Warren Avenue Bridge – Shared Use Pathway – Bremerton $475,750

6th Street Preservation – Bremerton $640,100

Ridgetop Boulevard Green Streets Phase 2+3 – Kitsap County $1,188,000

Silverdale Way Preservation – Kitsap County $930,000

Totten Road Non-Motorized Construction – Kitsap County $723,000

Carney Lake Road – Kitsap County $389,000

Seabeck Highway #2 – Kitsap County  $941,000

SR305 Improvements Study – Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council $367,625

Wheaton Way Transit Center – Kitsap Transit $800,000

Hwy 16 Park and Ride Alternatives Analysis – Kitsap Transit $249,000

Kitsap Transit Bike Barn Rehabilitation – Kitsap Transit $248,000

Tremont Street Widening – Port Orchard     $1,680,447

Noll Road Phase 1 Construction- Poulsbo $3,429,448

More information on the Kitsap projects is available here

Stay tuned for project recommendations from Snohomish, King and Pierce counties in the coming weeks.

The Transportation Policy Board will take up the whole list of projects on July 14. Following public comment, the Executive Board is scheduled to take final action in October.


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$19 million more for transit

An extra $19 million for bus purchases, maintenance and other transit investments is coming to the region.

Intercity Transit will receive funding reflecting its commuting services into the region.

Intercity Transit will receive a share of the region’s federal transit funding because the agency provides commuting service into the region.

On Thursday, June 9, the Transportation Policy Board will make a recommendation on the projects receiving funding.

The region receives funds from the Federal Transit Administration based on formula that considers service and operating characteristics of each transit agency, as well as regional attributes. The exact funding amount is adjusted annually.

PSRC originally distributed 2016 funding from the Federal Transit Administration as part of the 2014 project selection process using an estimate based on previous funding levels.

When FTA published the 2016 allocations to its funding programs, PSRC’s 2016 FTA funds were higher than originally estimated by $19.4 million.

Two transit agencies outside the region – Intercity Transit in Thurston County and Skagit Transit in Skagit County – will receive some of the funding because they provide service to people commuting into the region.

Some of the projects recommended for funding:

King County Metro – Trolley Bus Replacement – $4,624,579

Intercity Transit – Replacement Fixed Route Coaches  – $2,859,986

Sound Transit Regional Express Bus Program – $3,495,417

Kitsap Transit – North Kitsap Base – $490,318

The Transportation Policy Board will  meet on Thursday, June 9, 9:30-11:30 a.m., in PSRC’s board room. You can find full agenda packet here.

Other agenda items include:

  • Overview of Special Needs Transportation and Approval of Updated Section 5310 Program Management Plan
  • Travel Trends presentation
  • ORCA Data Analysis Project


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Projects selected for $67 million in PSRC funding

The first projects are starting to emerge from PSRC’s $700 million competition for federal funds.

Community Transit is planning Swift 2 – a new bus rapid transit line connecting two regional job centers, Paine Field and Canyon Park. It new service is leading in competition for $5 million in PSRC funds.

Community Transit is planning Swift 2 – a new bus rapid transit line connecting two regional job centers, Paine Field and Canyon Park. Its new service is leading in competition for $5 million in PSRC funds.

PSRC’s Regional Project Evaluation Committee has completed its recommendation for projects to receive $67 million available via PSRC’s regional funding competition for federal Surface Transportation Program and Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality funds.

See the list of projects recommended for funding here.

In total, 52 projects had requested $210 million in funding, with $67.3 available. An interactive data summary of the project applications can be found here.

PSRC conducts a process approximately every two years to distribute Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds.

In addition to the competition for regional funds, the merit-based competition includes recommendations by each countywide forum and the region’s transit agencies.

The Transportation Policy Board will review all funding recommendations in July.  Following public comment, the Executive Board is scheduled to take final action in October.

In total, nearly $700 million in federal transportation funding will be allocated through PSRC’s project selection process.


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Competition for PSRC funding begins

PSRC has issued the first call for projects for the nearly $700 million in funding that will be available through 2020.

This flyer outlines key dates for applying for PSRC Funding.

This flyer outlines key dates for applying for PSRC Funding.

This funding is available via two different categories of federal money, Federal Highways and Federal Transit, and four different selection processes.

Workshops will be held in each county to help sponsors apply for funding:

  • King County – Tuesday, March 1 from 2pm-3:30pm
  • Kitsap County – Thursday, March 3 from 12:30pm-2pm
  • Pierce County – Tuesday, March 1 from 10am-11:30am
  • Snohomish County – Wednesday, March 2 from 9:30am-11am

Other dates to remember:

  • March 11: Eligibility Form for Regional Competition Due
  • April 13: Applications for Regional Competition Due
  • May 6: Countywide Screening Form Due
  • May and June: Project Selection Recommendations Made
  • September 8: Public Comment Begins.

See the 2016 Schedule for more information and key dates.





Feds seeking “transformative” freight projects

Get your freight project ready.

Pierce County is working on a big project to improve freight between Frederickson and the Port of Tacoma.

Pierce County is working on a big project to transform freight movement between Frederickson and the Port of Tacoma.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has announced the first guidance on a new federal grant program for freight.

A letter from Foxx outlines his direction.  A fact sheet provides current guidance.

The program was created within the FAST Act signed into law late last year.

Washington Senator Maria Cantwell, who led efforts to craft the program, spread the word today on the grants.

There’s $800 million available nationwide this year.

Grants will go to two categories of projects.

Projects that exceed $100 million in overall costs will be seeking grants for at least $25 million.

Ten percent of grant funds are set aside for smaller projects for grants of at least $5 million.

“My goal is to move expeditiously to fund promising freight and highway projects,” said Foxx, who is expected to select the first projects later this year following a 60 day review by Congress.


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West approach to 520 bridge fully funded

The Executive Board is poised to take an action that would allow the SR 520, I-5 to Floating Bridge project to move forward.

Connecting Washington funded the remaining portions of the SR 520 Bridge Replacement.

Connecting Washington funded the remaining portions of the SR 520 Bridge Replacement.

That action is to confirm the project meets all federal, state and local requirements and add it to the Regional Transportation Improvement Program. The Washington State Department of Transportation is scheduled to present the $4.56 billion project to the board at its meeting on January 28, 2016.

Connecting Washington, the recent transportation package adopted by the Legislature, will provide the final $1.64 billion needed for the west approach to the new bridge and fully fund the project.

PSRC began funding the project with the original Trans-Lake Study in 1997.

The floating bridge is scheduled to open this April and a community celebration is planned for the weekend of April 2. WSDOT will be working closely with the City of Seattle as the construction begins for the I-5 to the bridge portion in 2018.

See the full Executive Board agenda or watch the meeting here.