Issaquah’s urban core becomes 29th regional growth center

New housing, jobs, shopping, and parks are all part of the future for central Puget Sound’s newest regional growth center in Issaquah. 

Issaquah's growth center is ...

The orange shows the location of Issaquah’s regional growth center.

On Thursday PSRC’s Executive Board approved Issaquah’s application for regional growth center designation.

Regional growth centers are a key part of the regional growth strategy in VISION 2040.  They’re places that are planned to attract significant growth of housing and jobs over the coming decades.

Supporting centers and the corridors that serve them is one of the main criteria for selecting projects to receive PSRC’s federal transportation funds.

The city’s Central Issaquah Plan aims to transform the center —  currently a collection of strip malls, office buildings and parking lots —  into a vibrant, walkable community.

Issaquah is planning for up to 7,000 new housing units and 19,000 new jobs within the center by the year 2031.

The city has a great video all about plans for the center.

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