MAP-21 Brief: Join a National Dialogue

The U.S. Department of Transportation wants help shaping MAP-21 in two on-line dialogues that run through September 23.

The topics: Performance Measures and Freight Policy.

Both are important to planning within central Puget Sound.

They’re looking for suggestions and a dialogue about what measures and standards states, planning organization like PSRC, and transit agencies should use to assess performance and conditions.

They’re also looking for suggestions on measures for conditions and performance of freight systems that will be used to guide the development of new state freight plans.

At PSRC, we’re hungry for federal guidance on both topics that can be part of the update to Transportation 2040.



$7.9 Billion Map

Project Map on

There are 469 pages of projects in the region’s draft $7.9 billion Transportation Improvement Program –   a page for every project.

It can be a nightmare to scroll the through the list on the

A map created by PSRC staff makes finding a project near you pretty easy.

Just click on the dot near you and project information pops up below.  The map  comes with instructions.

Comments are encouraged through October 25th.


MAP-21 Brief: Committee Moves Fast

It’s the halfway point for Governor Gregoire’s advisory committee on $1.3 billion in federal transportation funding.

Yesterday’s first meeting offered some clues, but no details, about how its recommendations might shake out.

The biggest clue came from Transportation Secretary Paula Hammond, who put forward a proposal to sustain the current 66% state 34% local split over the two years of MAP-21.

Public testimony was dominated by pleas to sustain funding for Safe Routes to Schools projects (with funds from the new Highway Safety Improvement program).

Freight interests are seeking new freight specific funds from an unspecified source.

The state’s Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation sought state control over 50% of the Transportation Alternatives program, instead of pooling all funds and relying on local processes throughout the state to select projects.

It’s not clear where the committee is headed.  But it looks like we won’t wait long: it was announced that final recommendations would be made at its meeting next Tuesday, September 25th 10 a.m. –  noon in the Commission Boardroom,  310 Maple Park Ave., SE, Olympia.



Have Lunch With Norm Dicks

Congressman Norm Dicks

This is the first congressional election that doesn’t include Congressman Norm Dicks on the ballot since 1976.

The day before the November election, instead of campaigning, Congressman Dicks will be honored by Prosperity Partnership for his 44 years of leadership and public service at an extra special luncheon at the Westin in Seattle.

Registration for the luncheon is now open and seats are moving fast.  You can sign up here.

Everyone is invited help the region’s business, government and civic leadership honor Congressman Dicks, whose career has been integral to shoring up the foundations of the region’s economy and overall way of life.

The event will also be the official launch of Prosperity Partnership’s new regional economic strategy – which focuses on sustaining and enhancing the foundations of the region’s economic future.


Pierce Syncs With VISION 2040

Gig Harbor


The Growth Management Policy Board takes up certification of Pierce County’s new countywide planning policies on Thursday.  The policies were formally ratified within Pierce County in June.

With adoption of the policies, the 24 cities and towns within the county, and the County itself, have the foundation for updates to comprehensive plans now due in 2015.

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This Week: Projects Move to Public Comment

Seattle’s electric trolleys poised for $67 million from PSRC


The Transportation Policy Board takes the next step in selecting projects  for PSRC funding this week with the release of a new draft regional Transportation Improvement Program for public comment.

The new draft TIP includes projects selected for an anticipated $441 million in federal funds available through the PSRC.   PSRC funding awards range in size from $50,000 to purchase right of way to improve public access to Tacoma’s Thea Foss Waterway to $67 million to help replace King County Metro’s aging electric trolley fleet.


The Board will also make recommendations on additional projects for funding with Federal Transit Administration funds, hear a presentation on regional transit coordination and hear about efforts to assure the region’s transportation system can recover from a disaster.   Check out the entire agenda here.

MAP-21 Brief: Decisions on $1.3 Billion

MAP-21 gives discretion to states about how to use certain federal transportation funds.

In Washington, the state faces decisions on five MAP-21 programs that will deliver an estimated $1.3 billion to the state’s transportation system through September 2014.

Governor Christine Gregoire

Governor Gregoire’s office has convened a MAP-21 Steering Committee to develop a recommended approach to MAP-21 decisions.

Membership includes representatives of cities, counties, the Governor’s office, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, Regional Transportation Planning Organizations, ports, the state legislature, the state’s Secretary of Transportation, transit agencies and tribes.

Two meetings have been scheduled: September 17th 9 a.m.-11 a.m. and September 25th 10 a.m.- noon.  Both meetings will be held in the Commission Boardroom, WSDOT Headquarters, 310 Maple Park Ave., SE, Olympia.

The goal is to complete the work of the Committee by October 1st.

Stay tuned to Regional VIEW for details as the recommendations unfold.