Tacoma voters say YES to transportation – twice

Add Tacoma voters to the list of communities that approved transportation measures this year.


Tacoma voters approved two measures to repair and improve city streets. PSRC estimates that the region’s city streets will need over $4 billion in additional funding through 2025.

Yesterday the last votes were counted and Proposition 3 was ahead by 22 votes.

Last week it had come from behind to lead by six votes.

The election was certified just after noon today.

Prop. 3 will increase property and utility taxes to raise an estimated $13 million per year for street repairs and improvements.

Tacoma voters had also approved a sales tax increase to raise another $4.5 million annually for city streets.

The News Tribune reports they are the “first dedicated road improvement money to win approval from Tacoma voters since 1968.”

Earlier this year the PSRC reported that the region’s cities and towns were short $4.3 billion from what would be required to keep streets in good condition over the next ten years.

Tacoma isn’t the only city working to close the gap – Seattle and Enumclaw handily passed transportation measures this month.

There are now 37 jurisdictions in the region helping to keep their streets in shape with a Transportation Benefit District.


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