60 % get parking benefits – 30 % get transit

Results from the Puget Sound Regional Travel Study show that nearly 60% of those with jobs have subsidized parking offered where they work, while only 30% have subsidized transit use.

parkingIn addition, of those with subsidized parking available, most of them (88%) make use of it.  Where transit benefits are offered, half say they don’t use it.

The survey asked a representative sample of Puget Sound residents who are employed full or part-time which of a list of commuter benefits are offered by their employers.

These included free or subsidized parking, free or subsidized transit use, and other subsidized commuter benefits such as vanpooling and bike storage.

transitThe survey was conducted between April and June 2014 and included 6,042 households throughout King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties from urban, suburban, and rural locations.

This particular question did not specify whether the parking benefit was a formal program offered by the employer or simply a case of the employee being able to park anywhere there was an available spot in a generally free parking neighborhood.

The responses to the “Other commuter benefits” question were similar to those for transit, with around 30% saying such benefits were offered, but most did not make use of any such benefits.


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