Transportation package appears a day, or two, away?

Governor Jay Inslee is urging state lawmakers to wrap up work on a transportation package and capital budget, “as soon as possible so that we can start putting out the construction cones and getting people to work.”

Chairwoman Clibborn

Representative Judy Clibborn of Mercer Island leads the House to pass a sweeping transportation package this morning. (TVW)

It will take at least another day.

The state House may convene again tomorrow morning after passing a major transportation funding bill before dawn this morning.  The vote was 54 to 44.

The state Senate has approved all three bills in the transportation package:  Funding, bonding and budget.

Should the House pass the remaining bonding and budget bills tomorrow, with no changes, what’s been called “the most important transportation investment in the region’s history” will just need the Governor’s final approval.

If there are changes, the state Senate would need to take final votes.  It plans to convene again on Friday.

But the schedule appears to depend on agreement by leadership about delaying implementation of Initiative 1351, which requires reductions in K-12 class sizes.

PSRC staff has prepared a summary of the sources and uses of funding in the compromise transportation agreement, along with the list of specific projects funded within the region.

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