Growing share of older adults in region’s future

The region is on the cusp of a demographic shift as the share of people over age 65 continues to increase.

Trending toward an aging population in the region.

PSRC’s newly updated  economic forecast indicates that the region’s population will get older over the next three decades. Overall the region is expected to add over a million more people and 850,000 more jobs by 2040.

The forecast projects steady growth in the number of households in the region, especially smaller households.



PSRC’s Regional Economic Forecast is updated every three years and provides regional totals of households, persons, and jobs.

The forecast is a key input to other PSRC models. It feeds directly into the land use forecast model (UrbanSim) and indirectly into all models that rely on forecasts of population, households, and employment.   The 2015 forecast is expected to be posted on PSRC’s website by the end of this month.


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